Hi Lisa,

This is a bit overdue but I just wanted to thank you, Jo and the rest of your staff at the St James's breakfast and after school clubs!

My son Zachary Wood started in Reception this year and he was quite daunted by everything to do with school. On his first morning of breakfast club, he was extremely upset to be left in a room that he didn't yet know with staff and children he didn't know.

When I managed to convince him to go in, Jo made him feel at ease so quickly and he was soon after happy for me to leave.

Since then, he's been telling me that his favourite parts of the day are when he has breakfast and after school club!

He talks about Jo a lot, he thinks she is a lot of fun and I appreciate how nurturing and caring she has been! 

It is so reassuring to me that he is happy and in safe and trusting hands.

Please pass this on to Jo and thank you all,

Nancy Wood

Strawberry Pre-school is a wonderful preschool. All three of my children have been here and have thrived/ are thriving in its nurturing and warm environment.

I think the frequency and quality of communication from the Preschool on what learning activities the children are doing and how your child is progressing is excellent and is complemented by more informal updates on the door.

They are very hot on monitoring your childs milestones, flagging any concerns and getting the correct support in place as well as ensuring those exceeding their milestones are challenged.

I can really see the benefits of the excellent phonic sessions they do with my youngest.

I was very lucky that the preschool had an opening when I was looking for a nursery place for my eldest Avie, who went here for 2 years. Many of the staff have been at the pre-school since it opened.

The staff are very well qualified and the team includes an ex school teacher. Rowena, Lisa and all the team are also extremely friendly! I have no hesitation in recommending this excellent preschool! 

Clare Mabbott

Strawberryhill Pre-School is situated in a lovely setting. There is a community feel to the school.

Lisa and Rowena have been very friendly, supportive and encouraging since my initial enquiry about having Megan at their school. I was 'sold' when I saw how happy Megan looked there! Lisa and Rowena's suggestion in slowly introducing Megan to pre-school on an hourly/weekly basis has been fantastic because it has given Megan a chance to get to know them and the other children. It won't be such a shock when she starts her two mornings a week properly in two weeks time!!!

Sarah Cassandro

Rowena and Lisa are so caring about all the children at Strawberry Hill Pre-school and this is really reflected in the way Olivia talks about her day there.

We have to make a story up every night at bedtime about a little girl who goes to nursery and has lots of fun with 'Woena and her friend Summer'. Olivia loves her new friends and talks non-stop the entire scoot home about what she's done that day.

When quizzed about her best activity, it's always baking, which is done every week.

I wouldn't hesitate to encourage any parent to bring their child to the pre-school and join in the fun! 

Michelle Brown

My daughter, Ella, started at Strawberry Hill pre-school in January 2017 when she was 2yrs 3mths.

I was really impressed at how promptly Lisa and Rowena responded to all queries which is very different from experience I had when making enquiries with other pre-schools.

The atmosphere always seems to be very relaxed and supportive, which was particularly reflected when recently undergoing potty training.

Ella settled in really well, and the most striking thing to me is that whatever mood she is in when I drop her off in the morning, she always comes out with a big smile, and tells me all about the fun things she has been doing.

What more can you ask than that your child has the opportunity to mix with other children, try lots of different activities and has a great time whilst doing it.

S Bonnett

I have been very happy at how quickly Thomas has settled at your pre school. I had been prepared for lots of tears and upset but it has been on the contrary.

He really loves it and he always seems excited in the mornings to put his uniform on and get his bag ready etc.

All the staff are excellent and very friendly and he seems to have an attachment to everyone and talks about you all at home. I think the lay out of the hall is excellent and there seems to be lots for the children to do, both structured and un structured.

I think it is a perfect way of preparing children for a school environment and we have felt so lucky to have found somewhere we are 100% happy with to see him through to school.

K Batchelor

Lisa, Rowena and all of the team members have created a delightful, safe and enriching environment in which my daughter has flourished since she started a year ago.

She loves going to Preschool and has gained confidence and a developed a wonderful sense of curiosity and adventure, which I attribute to the support and encouragement that she gets from the staff at the Preschool.

It is a very friendly and welcoming place for children and parents. I recently attended a very festive Christmas concert there, which was enjoyed by all of the children and families.

The staff members are always happy to help and offer support wherever they can. I have found that the Preschool is very flexible as well, as it offers the ability to swap sessions, should a child be unwell and unable to attend one day. This flexibility has been a great help to me during this term.

As a parent, I am regularly kept up to date with emails about the topics that the children are learning about and the activities that they are partaking in. It is lovely to have an insight into the fun and creative things that they are doing whilst they are there. I would wholly recommend this bright, fun and organised Preschool.

The staff work very hard and are highly committed individuals. My husband and I are so pleased that we chose Strawberry Hill Preschool for our daughter. It is a wonderful place. 

Catriona White

My boys have been really happy at Strawberry Hill, but I have been very lucky to find you too.

All of the staff have taken Harry's allergies and tendency to cling to mummy in their stride and the regular feedback on how he's doing is so helpful. He loves coming to Strawberry Hill and counts the staff as some of his greatest friends.

I'm sure, that, like Eric he will still remember the fun he had at preschool once he goes on to school.

From my point of view, it is so lovely to feel so welcome at drop off or when coming in to join in. I can see why the children are happy as the atmosphere is remarkably calm yet full of fun. 

Lizzie Rice

I would personally like to say Thankyou to Lisa and Rowena for ensuring Sam settled into the preschool so quickly and easily.

It was a tough time for our little boy, with the arrival of his baby sister just a few weeks earlier, but Sam thoroughly enjoys his sessions and constantly talks about the new friends he has made.

The settling sessions work really well and the range of activities and play stations are so varied that we have had to buy a dolly and pushchair for home now as he misses them on Mondays and Fridays!

We have seen a huge change in our son since he has been attending the preschool and it has certainly made a positive impact on his personality - he has become more gregarious in all that he does - and more accepting of his baby sister!

Thank-you Rowena and Lisa.... 

Jo Orrock 

My child has really blossomed in her social confidence whilst being at Strawberry Hill Pre-School.

Although she settled quickly, she was very shy when she first went but in this wonderful environment has changed, and become the chatty lively character that she has always been at home. We hope that she can now take this next step to nursery school with confidence, socialising with a whole new group of children in a new environment.

She was an early talker, loves books and has always seemed quick and eager to learn. However at least at home, whilst enjoying learning to read and write, and develop her drawing skills she seems to lack the confidence to try to do this independently (only wanting to trace over letters or have an adults guiding hand for example).

We continue to encourage her and know that in time she will embrace this also.

She has told me that she is excited about going to big school and we are excited for her.

Thank you!

A Brooks

Both my children have been through Strawberry Hill preschool and have loved it. Rowena, Lisa and the team provide a loving and nurturing environment in which my children thrived. It's everything a preschool should be and we will miss it when my youngest leaves this summer.

Jo Cuteis

Dear Rowena and all the team at Strawberry Hill Pre-School! Isla has had a fantastic, happy, funand fabulous year with you.

Thank you for taking such good care of her and teaching her so many things. 

Tara and Marcus Ferguson Jones

We just wanted to say such a big thank you for all you have done for Felix!
From his first day of coming in literally with his eyes closed and not being able to speak, to now shouting out hello to some of his friends from Pre school he bumps into! Thank you for your encouragement, teaching, and for providing him with the best building blocks for school. can’t believe he’s going in September!
Hope you all have a lovely, well deserved, restful summer,
Felix and Family