Strawberry Hill Pre-School

End of year newsletter 2016

Hello everybody,
As we draw to the close of our academic year of 2016, Rowena and I are feeling a little sad as quite a few of our children are leaving us to move on to school or nursery. We are pleased that the journey continues for them as they continue to grow and we wish them well on their way. So we say goodbye to many girls and boys this year.

We would also like to welcome all of the new children to the pre-school who have visited us and will continue to settle in through September.

Thank you to those of you that joined us for our last day and leavers ceremony and thank you if you managed to return your parent leavers form. From your input and suggestions we hope that we can continue to improve and develop. We are pleased to say that overall the happiness of the parents was 99% positive.

What we do well:

The school overall: Some of the comments, Fantastic, very friendly, welcoming and settling in new children, approachable staff, listening to parents and taking on board what they say, excellent communication, seeing each child as an individual, caring well for the children, nurturing environment, safe secure and friendly environment, lots of information given, a good community feel and a wonderful school, The pre-school has been a blessing, giving the children lots of confidence, developing literacy and numeracy skills, first class communication with parents.

What could be different:

Perhaps emails could be less. Less is more! Information should be given sooner rather than later with regards to bringing in things or trips. Sometimes emails are sent out and then followed by another that was a correction for the last. Our answer to the possible cause of the updated and corrected emails was that not ony do we have long term planning and medium term planning, we also have spontanious and individual planning. For instance if the children show an interest in different objects, the weather, a theme, song or story, we may decide to change our planning for that week to accommodate the children's ideas. This is turn would lead to an email to the parents to let them know how our planning will be changed with a sudden trip or outing out. Of course at such short notice we would make sure that our risk assessement has been done before the final decision is made and the email is sent out.

You said: Could we have a pre-school animal such as a bunny or a fish. We said: We would love this to happen but unfortunately the premises is not ours, so we cannot leave animals overnight or at weekends. A fish is small but the tank would be heavy. We do not want to rely on parents to take the pet's home.

You said: Perhaps more structure. We said: We do have some structure throughout the morning. Nursery schools are about learning and development and preparation for school. Therefore we have structured themes throughout the morning, they are, 1) Circle time and registration 2) Certain activities throughout the morning 3) Snack time 4) Story time or adult lead games at the end of the day.

You said: Too many party treats at school. We said: We do like to make a fuss of the children on their birthday. However we try and limit the treats but we cannot stop parents bringing in sweets on their child's birthday.

You said: More painting please as I don't want to do it at home! We said: All staff help with the art work which has been curriculum, celebrations and festival based. The children are encouraged to independently participate in creative activities and are given support where needed. We used to do lots of free flow painting and then stopped. We took on board this request immediately and we hope you will have all noticed the amount of free flow painting pictures coming home.

We are very pleased to say that September 2016 is full. Enquiries are coming in for September 2017. This is great news as we do not advertise. It is all word of mouth!

We would like to welcome our new members of the team: We say goodbye to Ash who has gone to work at David Lloyd as a full time children's event Manager, we wish him well.

Lisa and Rowena and the Strawberry Hill Pre-School Team