Strawberry Hill Pre-School

Our Curriculum 2018-2019

We assess our curriculum by a traffic light system. Highlighted in Green are areas covered and that were successful. Areas in Blue where partially successful and areas in red failed. Our long term curriculum planning can be subject to change as we are also guided by the children's interests. The children guide us on what they like doing. In return we guide the children to include their interests into our planning and their play.

Autumn Term- All About Me

What do I look like- Looking at our characteristics?
Activity-Self portrait
Activity - Where did we go on holiday in the summer?
People around the world-similarities and differences
Our families- Baby pictures of me and my parents
Activity-matching the pictures
Map of the world-where I live.
Activity-Map of where we live, making our houses using junk recycling.
Trip to Radnor gardens
Trip to the library
Trip to lay the poppy wreath on remembrance day
Road safety week- visit from Police in November-tie in with next term
Singing hands coming in
Christmas cards made and posted to family members

Winter/Spring Term - Our friends/Animals/Growth

People who help us-visit from Police, Doctors, Nurses, Fire brigade, Teachers, Soldiers, Parents, and Family
Chinese New Year
Parents to come in and help once a week
Police visit covering Stranger Danger and Road Safety
Trip to feed local chickens and collect eggs
Looking at growth in animals
Mothers day
Who am I ?
Activity-making collage animals
Bringing photos of our pets in.
Pet day in January
Planting our seeds to grow our vegetables
Replanting in the Vegetable garden in April/May.
Activity - Making seed pictures.
Looking at how plants grow through our preschool garden

Summer-Our Environment

Activity-Junk recycling building
Looking at the weather, using our weather chart every day
Learning the days of the week and months with our chart
Making pizza faces carrying on from winter/spring, Who am I?
Activity-Making a weather vane
Different weathers around the world
Space and the planets
Activity-making a solar system
Harvesting our plants
Activity-summer pictures
Music from around the world
Teddy bears picnic with mums too

All Terms

Phonemic Alphabet
Colour of the month
Cultural Festivals