Strawberry Hill Pre-School


Admissions for September 2018 are now limited. Please email us for viewings. Details given by email. All the viewing dates will start at 09.30am.

We take children from two years old upwards, all year round if there is space available. Once your deposit is paid, we will save the place for you. Government funding is available from 3 years old. We are offering the extended 30 hours of funding.

We have two sessions available with wrap around lunch care. Our sessions will run from 9.00-12.00 and 12.00-3.00pm. Wrap around lunch cover will run from 12.00-1.00. You can choose to have one session with or without wrap around lunch care or you could choose two sessions including lunch care.

PLEASE NOTE: Viewings of our Pre-School are strictly by appointment only. Please be advised that we cannot let anybody in without prior arrangement, as we must adhere to our Safeguarding policy and keep our children safe at all times. Following our Safegaurding proceedure you will also be asked to sign the visitors book, providing your name, address and phone number or email address. We will also ask you to turn off your mobile phone.

At Strawberry Hill Pre-School we want everybody to feel welcome, adults and children. We aim to provide a very warm and friendly atmosphere. We encourage parents to visit with their child/children as many times as they like before the childs start date. Many parents have been very positive regarding our welcoming and settling in policy.

Before your child starts with us we will arrange a home visit to your house. This a good way for the children to see us again, in their own surroundings. We will provide plenty of feedback each day and fill you in with all the daily goings on at the pre-school. Not just for the anxious parent, but all parents, we will encourage you to stay until you are happy that your child is happy and settled. We encourage many visits and play times before your child starts and they can even join in with our activities and snack times if they wish. This way they get to interact with the other children and get to their new surroundings.

We will build an extensive portfolio of your child. This will be sent home to you every six - twelve weeks for you to browse at your leisure. These portolio's are fun and hold so much information about your childs time at the pre-school.

Our new addition to working in partnership with parents:

Apart from our monthly newsletter full of information we have introduced a new communication Programme with the parents. Everyday at the end of pre-school, the children are in the cloak room gathering their belongings, cookery or art work. We then sit in the circle and count from 1 onwards and introduce a new number each week. We then sing our ABC while showing the letters and we even count in French. While all this is going on , 2 members of staff go outside and mingle with the parents and guardians that are waiting. The parent's can feel free to talk to the staff on a more personal basis about how their child has been that day. It's all very well standing at the door saying a quick "billy has been fine" but this is a more personal approach. The staff are outside for at least 5 minutes talking to parents. This way the staff can also get to know the parents and the parents get to know our staff. (This is a weather permitting exercise)!!